A Letter From Our CEO


“Business women are always in need of a visit to the nail salon, and pedicures often eat into their weekend.” An ordinary “quote” from the olden days of “normalcy”... Well, for the longest time, “a visit to a nail salon” was not an option, at all. “Those were the pandemic times” people will soon say as we rapidly forget the lockdowns, the “stay at home”s, the social distancing rules.... Like rapidly melting layers of snow, they will all disappear, fade away...

Yes! These are special days ladies! 

We are now out in the world trying to recapture our normals... Reclaim our spaces of freedom. Active business days, face to face meetings, lunchtime presentation reviews.... All these are very soon about to start... 

And here I am: Equipped with my Wonder Woman Utility Belt, I’m ready to roam into our urban spaces as they open up, emerging from a dull dream, fully awake and always connected wherever I go... Always ready to create wonders, to disrupt, to innovate.

So, come on now! Let us create legends and wonders once again. Let’s Moshiqa!

Meryem Birsöz

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