You make me smile when I'm just about to cry
You bring me hope, you make me laugh - and I like it
You get away with murder, so innocent
But when you throw a moody you're all claws and you bite
That's alright!
You make me so very happy
When you cuddle up and go to sleep beside me
And then you make me slightly mad
When you pee all over my Chippendale suite
Ooh ooh Delilah Ooh ooh Delilah
You take over my house and home
You even try to answer my telephone
Delilah, you're the apple of my eyes
Meow, meow, meow,
Delilah - I love you, Delilah oh
—Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was not only the legendary lead singer of Queen but also the most affectionate feline lover you might ever know.

He wrote a song for one of his cats; Delilah.

He dedicated his solo album Mr. Bad Guy signed with a message: “to my cat Jerry - also Tom, Oscar, and Tiffany, and all the cat lovers across the universe - screw everybody else!”


He even made long-distance calls to his animals while he is on tour to hear some meows...

According to his longtime assistant Peter Freestone, Freddie Mercury would often call home while on the road and ask to speak to his beloved cats. Freestone told The Washington Post: “Mercury treated the cats like his own children. His cats were his family. He is the kindest, most generous, loyal friend, anybody could wish to have.” 

Mercury’s feline friends allegedly occupied their own bedrooms in his London mansion, and were the main beneficiaries of his will, along with Mary Austin, his close friend, and one-time fiancée.

“Freddie didn’t particularly like or dislike dogs. He wouldn’t go out of his way to avoid them and he had many friends who had dogs at home. He would play with them and stroke them if they came to him when he was visiting. He just loved cats. He felt that cats were much more independent than dogs and he was very happy that his felines had chosen him to be their master.” told Freestone.

We Woof You Freddie! You Are An Inspiration!

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