Moshiqa Craftmanship

Moshiqa Craftmanship


In an era of on-demand conveniences and mass-produced everything, it is rare to find unique craftsmanship that gives products a life of their own. No one knows this better than the skilled craftspeople from luxury brands who handcraft true masterpieces of design and luxury. It was with this in mind, that Meryem Birsoz, a designer herself, decided in late 2017 to create a new category in luxury craftmanship. She embarked on a journey to design a unique line of high-end pet accessories that would highlight that special relationship of pet owners with their pets. Moshiqa would “celebrate the love of pets” in a unique handcrafted timeless way.

Since 2017, Moshiqa has been fearless, craving for innovation and uniqueness in pet accessories. Today it delivers an unparalleled experience for pet owners, fulfilling their most demanding desires and needs. Sought after by most of the world´s celebrities that have pets, its products are now ranked #1 in Asia and #2 in the US behind Louis Vuitton.

With the help of it´s exclusive manufacturing partner, which is based in Istanbul with an over 100 year history of leather craftsmanship, Moshiqa has managed to create a unique position in the world of luxury accessories. The fine detail and style of its products are unparalleled in the world of high-end pet accessories.

Moshiqa’s signature product is its unique Pet Carrier. Sold all over the world, the Wonder Nest Collection of carriers remind us of days gone by where attention to detail and fine craftsmanship were the true symbol of luxury.

Today Moshiqa has extended its range of carriers by introducing its unisex minimalistic, JAG Carrier collection that is ideal for the person on the move. But whether it is its carriers or leashes or harnesses or any of its many accessories, all Moshiqa products are unique in their stylish way of “celebrating the love of pets” through fine craftsmanship. 


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