15 Signs You Need a Dog Way More Than a Boyfriend

15 Signs You Need a Dog Way More Than a Boyfriend

1. You’d love to be constantly showered with affection and gratitude. Every time you come home, he has so much near-violent enthusiasm that you wonder what about you he likes so much. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been gone for the day or just went to get groceries. Every return is treated like you’re a long-lost lover who finally made it back home. You could get used to this.

2. You want someone who finds your touch completely addicting. Even just your hand on his head is enough to make him enter a near-catatonic state of bliss. And god forbid you stop at any point, lest you risk eyes that say, "Why have you abandoned me like this?" He just can’t get enough of you and literally drools in your presence. And you’re confident that no woman could ever rub his belly as well as you can.


4. Going on multiple cute walks a day together is your perfect date. Especially in the early morning or late at night, when there’re fewer people around and the atmosphere is just that much more romantic. Sure, he might ask to stop abruptly at times and zone out when he sees a speeding motorcycle, but you also know that he looks forward to these walks even more than you do.

5. Good hair is crucial to you. His mane is so gloriously fluffy that you can’t stop touching it. But you know that, left to his own devices, it’ll be a matted, tangled mess unless you’re there to step in and show him the benefits of deep conditioning. Honestly, what would he do without you?

6. You need someone who recognizes that sharing a bed with you is pretty much the best thing that will ever happen to him. The exact moment your hand makes contact with the mattress as you pat it, signaling him to join you, is enough to make his entire week.

7. You like someone who’s down to eat literally anything. Deciding what’s for dinner = never a problem. The only thing he doesn’t like is chocolate, which just means there’s more for you!

8. You need a guy who doesn’t get “moody,” even if you are. And no, he will never ask you if it’s "that time of the month." Even if you mess up or lash out, he will never hold a grudge or make you feel small or insignificant. There’s nothing you can’t work out with a good hug.

9. You like when he stands his ground, but also knows not to be aggro about it. Sure, he might raise his voice a little and protectively stand in front of you if that sleazy guy Harry from work approaches, but he’ll back down once he realizes none of these guys are actual threats.

10. It’s important that he knows you’re feeling down without you saying a single word. The moment you let out even the tiniest indication of distress, he rushes to your side and nudges his face closer to yours so you can have a good cry. And no, your feelings never make him "uncomfortable."



11. You love someone who always listens, or at least does his best. He might get a few commands jumbled up, but you can tell his ears perk up every time he hears your voice, so you’ll forgive him for any screw-ups.

12. You need someone your friends can’t get enough of. They’re always begging you to bring him along on trips, and they might even like him a tiny bit more than you. And the ones who don’t are just toxic people you don’t need in your life.


13. You want someone who makes road trips more fun. He’s the perfect passenger seat companion, especially when you roll down the window and he sticks his head out, the wind blowing back his magnificent hair. Also, he never switches the radio to Phish.

14. It’s crucial that he lets you dress him and actually trusts your fashion advice. Whether it’s a sparkly holiday sweater or tiny yellow rain boots, he will embrace all the bold style choices you make for him and rock pumpkin costumes like no one else.


15. You’re a sucker for a handsome face. I mean ...have you seen him though? You simply can’t take your eyes off him, nor would you ever want to. He will always be absolutely gorgeous to you.

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