What inspires you? Photographer Ari Seth Cohen's answer is Seniors... 




The creator of the Advanced Style Cohen's niche is capturing the sartorial savvy of the influential seniors. He became one of the main actors in the recent movement toward the fashion industry embracing older models such as Iris Apfel.




He features people who live whole creative lives, he captures how they live life to the fullest, age gracefully, and continue to grow and challenge themselves. He celebrates the wisdom of their experience and how they show themselves unapologetically.  Every picture is influence you from a detail.



Cohen is deeply passionate about his subjects and society’s treatment of older people. He works for the cause to create awareness for the elderly.



His next project makes us really excited; The Advanced Pets! The pure communication between the creative, influential elders and their furry friends will be a delightful experience to behold.









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