As Virginia Woolf said, “For most of history, anonymous was a woman.” Throughout history, it was always women who push society to move forward and changed the world for the better, undeniably. It was hard to establish the “woman” image as we know today. From the beginning of humankind, women had to fight for their rights. Fought for to assert themselves as human beings or to acknowledged themselves in their fields... Throughout the years history has seen fierce, strong, inspiring women existed. They still exist all over the world, give the courage we need. This is why Moshiqa defends women’s rights and equality and works towards female empowerment. This is why we want to celebrate and pay tribute to these strong women! The following women; who are scientists, mathematicians, artists, aviators, inventors, scientists, leaders, politicians, writers are glowing role-models of womanhood. These powerful women have been pioneers for women’s equality in the world. They are all warriors and inspire us in our own modern lives to achieve big dreams! You are all an inspiration! We WOOF You!

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