The bigger the cat, the louder the purr! 



"There is something about cats! I admire their nature and independence. Thankfully, I’ve been able to connect with people from all over the world through a shared love of cats" says the surreal cat artist Matt McCarthy. 



His biggest inspiration, his primary subject is FELINES, not surprisingly! This cute idea initially came to him as he was observing his cats when they were playing with a bug. He wondered how they would react if he were small as a bug himself, and this is how we met his fun art accordingly.





Mr. McCarthy is so right, felines are so sweet and cuddly that we tend to forget that they are apex predators! Through his art, he makes it possible for us to feel how would it be if kitties were BIG.




He thinks his art has become popular because people love cats, and they need a bit of escapism. 



He captures BIG kitties in various parts of the world; even in space as an astronaut. 



Gorgeous cats in beautiful locations... Well, this is definitely the purrr’fect kind of escape!


 We Woof You Matt McCarthy <3 You're An Inspiration!


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