Dogs, cats, deer, bears, and more... LA-based artist Matthew Grabelsky uses the New York subways as the setting for his surreal portraits. His artwork often shows humorous illustrations of our everyday life by starring animals.



With his hyperrealistic painting style influenced by the 19th century, Matthew Grabelsky creates mythological creatures that are half-human, half-animal that depict doing everyday things.



Grabelsky is fascinated by the persistence of animal imagery in mythology and communal cultural imaginaries and explores how animals represent our subconscious.


Animals become a manifestation of the hidden subconscious and reveal the latent identities and motivations lurking beyond the human mask.


His enigmatic, dream-like paintings invite viewers to form their own interpretations of the imagery presented.


Science taught me how to observe the world, and art has allowed me to express my relationship to it, says Grabelsky.



We Woof You Matthew, You're An Inspiration!


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