Hollywoof's Boxer Couple: Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart

Hollywoof's Boxer Couple: Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart




"No one has written a romance better than we lived it." Lauren Bacall wrote in her memoir...

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart had one of Hollywood’s greatest love stories. They met on the set of To Have and Have Not in 1944 and the onscreen chemistry between the co-stars was remarkable. They were married and remained together until Bogart's death in 1957.



They both were absolutely crazy about dogs. Bogart owned several in his time, including Scotties, Sealyham Terriers, and a Newfoundland. As a girl, Bacall was partial to Cocker Spaniels. But it was the Boxer that became the Bogart-Bacall household’s breed of choice.



The Bogarts had three Boxers; Harvey, George, and Baby. The first baby Harvey was always the top dog. He appeared in many of the publicity photos that studios issued to promote the couple’s domestic bliss.



So many years later, Lauren Bacall’s left $10 million to her beloved papillon Sophie, who remained by her side until her death in her will.




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