Let’s Celebrate The Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day!



Today is the National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day. This day takes place on April 21 every year. Let’s celebrate this lovely breed and some facts about them on this special day...

* The history of bulldogs tracing back to 5th century England. The Bulldog was originally thought to be a butcher's dog, used to subdue an animal for slaughter. Bulldog, also called English bulldog, breed of dog developed centuries ago in Great Britain for use in bullbaiting. When bull-baiting was outlawed in England in 1835, the Bulldog, as it then existed, had outlived its purpose and would no longer exist as a breed. However, a group of Bulldog lovers felt that the breed should not disappear and decided to preserve it.

* The Bulldog Club Incorporated" based in the UK, this is the oldest breed club in the world founded in 1875. And 1886 is the year when bulldogs were officially inducted into the American Kennel Club.

* The Bulldog is popularly used to represent England or the United Kingdom. It has been associated with Winston Churchill's defiance of Nazi Germany.

* A Bulldog is the official mascot of the United States Marine Corps, and many bases have their mascot on base.

* Bulldogs are one of the 4.most popular pure-breed in the US according to the American Kennel Club

* Bulldogs are characteristically powerful and courageous. They have calm, courageous, and friendly personalities, that typically gentle and reliable.

* The Bulldogs are one of the friendliest breeds of canines.  They are gentle companions who love kids, which makes them great for families. They are eager to please and easygoing companions.

* Bulldogs are placed in the Non-Sporting Dog group of the American Kennel Club. They don’t require a great deal of exercise. They may not be very enthusiastic about going for a walk.

* Bulldogs wheeze, snort, fart, and snore. But in a very cute way :)

If you share your life with a bulldog, today is the best day to make it extra special for them. In honor of Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day, spoil your beloved and show how much you love your fur kids!
There is no need to telling you about giving them their fav treats :) Going to a dog park or a place they love to explore. Or, you may let them snuggle with you in bed and have some nap time since they’re a little bit lazy babies.
Spoil them with their fav treats or a fun toy. You can dress up with matching outfits for this special day, that would be paw’some too! Sharing the pictures of yours as a team on your accounts makes this memory unforgettable...

We Woof U Bulldogs!


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