My Dad My Hero

My Dad My Hero
For that Pawfect Dad

I know the last few months haven’t been easy for you Dad, I feel it as I see you leaving the house everyday wearing that mask…

But it’s on a special day like today that I want to thank you for always being there for me, throwing that ball so that I chase it when you are tired, feeding me at the same time every day when you need to rush, always smiling when I jump at you when you get home, letting me lick your face first thing in the morning, scratching me under my chin, rubbing my belly, making my toy spin, not complaining when I take all the room in bed… 

Yes, I test your sanity every day daddy I know it, you have endless patience for me …you are so special Dad, you are my master, my best friend, You are my Hero!

You are giving me the best life ever…and it’s all because of you…
I love you Dad
Happy Pawfect Fathers Day !

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