There is no need to introduce Pablo Picasso, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century 🎨



Picasso was a true animal lover! At different times in his life he had different breeds of dogs, a variety of felines, doves, a parrot, an owl, some goats, and numerous pets who lived the indoor and outdoor of his compound 🦢🐐🐩🐈🦮🦜



Not only his personal life, but also his artworks were filled with animals too… His fascination with the animal world drove his personal life and creative world 🐾



Throughout his life, he encountered many artistic representations of various animals. He gave tribute to the importance of animals as cultural and social icons through his unique paintings and iconic sculptures



Let’s reminiscence here below his most beloved companions through years ❤️

* The Pyrenean Mountain, Bob
* The Siamese, Minou.
* The Dachshund, Lump
* The Afghan Hounds, Kabul, Kasbec, Sauterelle.
* The Boxer, Jan.
* And the goat named Esmerelda.

We Woof You Pablo❣️You’re An Inspiration💫






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